Ant Myths And The Truth Every Homeowner Should Know

7 March 2023
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Have you been spotting quite a few ants inside your home? These hard-working insects are common across the country, and they can be an issue for homeowners. There are many different ant species, but there is only a handful of types that tend to make their way into human dwelling places. Nevertheless, there are many myths associated with ants that prevent property owners from reaching out for help with ant control. Take a look at a few of these myths surrounding ants and the real truths you should know. 

Myth: Ants usually go away on their own if you kill what you see. 

If you spot a few ants in your home, you can pretty much guarantee there will be a plethora of ants nearby. Certain types of ants, such as fire ants, can have up to 500,000 ants in just one colony. You could kill ants every day for years and still not fully eradicate the problem without some formal type of ant control. 

Myth: You can't have an issue with ants in a clean home. 

Ants will make their way into a dwelling if they find easy access to food and water. Therefore, a messy home may be more alluring. Just the same, however, you can keep your home perfectly clean and still have an issue with some types of ants. These insects are notorious for tracking down a food source. Therefore, something as minuscule as a few granules of sugar on the floor can be enough to make a home attractive. 

Myth: Ants are only an issue in warm-climate states.

Ants are more common in warm-climate states, but they can be found all over the country. There are nearly 800 unique ant species found in the United States, and that includes cold-climate states like Alaska. Therefore, you can have a need for ant control even if you live in an area that stays cold for most months of the year. 

Myth: Ants don't pose any risk to your home or family. 

Most ants do not pose a threat to humans or human structures, but in high numbers, all ants can pose certain risks. For example, a large colony of ants could get into your food and spread bacteria, which could make your family sick. Likewise, a large colony of ants can be a threat to the structural integrity of your home. For example, some ants are known to use wood as a food source almost like termites.  

For more info about ant control, contact a local company.