Wood Burning Fireplace Inspection And Maintenance Steps

3 August 2022
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An official inspection and cleaning process will ensure that your wood-burning fireplace is ready for use this winter. Additionally, the installation of a carbon monoxide detector and a glass cover will keep you safe while your fireplace is actively being used.

The Inspection And The Cleaning Steps

If you didn't clean out your fireplace this spring or if you recently purchased a pre-owned home that contains a fireplace, the chimney and fireplace will need to be inspected and cleaned. Creosote and soot tend to build up within the walls of a fireplace. These substances can make your fireplace unsafe to use, plus can contribute to foul smells while a new fire is actively burning. A licensed and certified inspector and fireplace cleaner will perform an all-points inspection.

First, the inspector may assess the chimney for structural damage and dirt buildup. Afterward, the inspector may assess the hearth and the walls of the fireplace. Drapes may be laid across uncovered surfaces that surround the fireplace. The cleaning steps will involve removing the buildup that is caked along the walls of the fireplace. A chimney sweep tool will be used to remove blockages within the chimney. Any structural damage to the chimney may require that bricks or mortar are replaced.

The Security And Maintenance Steps

The installation of a carbon monoxide detector will alert you to the air quality in your home. Usage of the fireplace should only take place when you are at home. The monitor should be installed at an elevated height. A wall or ceiling will work best for the installation of this type of detector. A glass cover should be placed in front of the fireplace while it is actively used. This will prevent the spread of flames.

Once your home is at a comfortable temperature, use a poker and shovel to douse the flames. A poker is a metal tool that can be used to spread out the kindling within the fireplace. When you have enough ash to work with, use a fireplace shovel to cover the kindling with ash. Wait for the fireplace kindling to cool down in its entirety. This may take several hours.

Before you use your fireplace on a subsequent occasion, clean the hearth and the inside of the fireplace. Always dispose of burnt kindling and soot. Replace the kindling with fresh pieces of seasoned wood. All of these steps will keep your fireplace maintained throughout the season that you will be using it.

For more information, contact a fireplace maintenance service in your area.