Mulch Storage, Delivery, And Usage Guidelines

9 June 2022
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Mulch products are sold by the cubic foot or the cubic yard. Smaller bagged products are typically sought for independent projects that won't require extensive coverage. Bulk products are typically sought for multiple projects or ones that will require an expansive, thick covering of mulch.

Storage Strategies

Straw, wood chips, wood shavings, rubber pieces, compost, bark, and plastic pieces can be used as mulch. An array of organic and synthetic mulch products can be used to add color to a yard, promote water retention, or ward off weeds. Mulch products can get wet but will be easier to work with when dry.

Storage strategies should include designating a bin or shed for surplus mulch materials that won't be used immediately. If a lot of different varieties of mulch will be purchased, the bags of each variety can be stacked on top of one another. A labeling system can also be utilized, to aid with keeping mulch products neatly separated from one another.

A Delivery Service And Product Dimensions

A mulch delivery service may furnish larger bags of mulch than what a consumer would find in a home and garden center. Bagged products will contain the dimensions that a product is designed to cover. These dimensions will include a reference to how thick a mulch covering will be to attain the amount of coverage that is printed on a bag.

Delivery services alleviate a consumer from needing to figure out how they will transport a large amount of mulch materials on their own. A landcaping manager or a home or business owner who will be performing a lot of landscaping upgrades may appreciate the convenience of using a mulch delivery service.

Colors And Textures

The color and texture of a product can greatly enhance a flower bed, a garden, or another outdoor feature. Products that contain various hues may have been dyed with organic or synthetic coloring agents. Referring to a color chart of mulch products will help a consumer choose materials that will complement greenery, flower blooms, and other organic items that mulch will be added around.

Textured mulch products will provide adequate coverage around the base of a tree or along the sides of a walkway. Textured products that are relatively thick will not blow away as easily as straw or another lightweight and narrow mulch material. If a lightweight mulch product will be used, fencing or hardscaping materials can be used to create a border around a mulch-covered surface. The border will prevent mulch from blowing away.

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