Want To Raise The Value Of Your Home? Turn A Den Into A Bedroom Quickly

16 June 2015
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If you're considering selling a home for the first time, you might think that you can sell it for what you owe, or even make a profit. The housing market is ever changing and to come out on top, you might need to make a change or two to the home. Depending on the neighborhood, the more bedrooms a home has, the higher the value of your home. If your home has a den, you can turn it into a bedroom by adding a closet, and this guide provides the steps needed to it.  

Step 1: Choose Your Closet Wall and Measure It

Consider the layout of your room. What place makes the most logical sense for a closet? Keep in mind that the location of the closet should be on the opposite side of the door, or in another area that will not interfere with the natural flow of the room.

Once you have chosen an ideal spot measure the location including height, width and depth. Be sure to write your measurements down, as they are easy to forget or confuse.

Step 2: Purchase Your Closet Unit

Use your written measurements to choose a closet unit. These units can be found at big box home improvement stores or specialty home or organizing stores.

Many closet units are customizable, so you can choose a configuration that works for your space. However, keep in mind that the more customizing you request, the longer your unit might take to come in and the more expensive it might be.

When ordering your closet unit, take a swatch of the den's wall color, or snap a photo with your phone, so the closet builders can match it up, for a built-in look.

Step 3: Gather the Items for Installation

Install the closet unit by first gathering these items:

  • a box of long drywall screws
  • a drill
  • a Phillips screw drill bit
  • a level
  • a few small shims
  • a utility knife
  • carpet tack
  • a hammer

Step 4: Install the Unit

Pull back the carpet from the wall to expose the subfloor. Grab a buddy and set the unit in place on the bare floor.

Open the doors of the unit, insert the drill bit into the drill and drill the screws through the back corners of the unit into the wall. Then add a few more screws along the sides, top and bottom of closet.

Step 5: Cut and Secure the Carpet

Cut the carpet along the edge of the closet unit with the utility knife. Press the carpet down and use the hammer to attach the carpet tack to the floor along the edges of the closet with the supplied nails.

Expect to execute this den conversion in a week or less to quickly prepare a house for the realty market. With the new closet installed, your home could be worth thousands more, for just a little time and monetary investment on your part. Ask your real estate agent (like those at Felte Real Estate) for more ideas concerning simple and inexpensive upgrades to raise the value of your home.