Impressive Patio Upgrades

16 April 2015
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


If you have a patio where you enjoy relaxing outdoors, you may want to give it some handy upgrades in order to make it look pleasing while enhancing the comfort you feel while spending time in the area. Here are some of patio upgrades you can do on your own, giving your outdoor area a new look and feel.

Textured Flooring

If you have a concrete slab floor in place for your patio, consider adding texture with concrete or clay pavers. These can be placed right on top of exciting concrete, giving the patio the advantage of a thicker base with a more interesting surface. Pavers interlock with one another, making them easy to place and easy to repair. If one happens to crack or crumble, it can be swapped out with a new one quickly and without much work.

Protective Covering

Add a patio cover to your existing patio to gain an area that can shade you from harsh sunlight and keep you dry when precipitation is present. Patio covers come in a variety of mediums, from wood to canvas. Some patio covers are retractable, making it easy to pull into place when conditions call for protection. They can be pushed back when you wish to enjoy the open air.

Other patio covers give a permanent covering, if you would rather have an area that offers protection around the clock. Permanent structures are usually placed by a contractor or someone with carpentry knowledge. 

Decorative Touches

Add some tiki torches or citronella candles around your patio perimeter to help ward off unwanted insects. They can give a peaceful aura while doubling as a pest deterrent. Planters of all types give your patio area a touch of life while adding colorful beauty. Movable planters give you the option in changing out the type of flower you wish to feature at any given time.

Add a fire pit to your open patio area for ambiance and warmth on crisp, cool nights. An inviting warm blaze is always a pleasing touch for guests and can keep your patio usage going during off-season months. Wood fire pits and gas pits are both options that would make impressive upgrades to your patio area.

Another positive touch is the addition of water. Add a small rock garden with a running fountain so you can listen to the trickle of water as it falls over small boulders. This can create a very relaxing spot when you place a patio chair nearby.

These patio upgrades can make your outdoor area more functional and visually appealing, making it easy to spend even more time outdoors.