When Is Furniture Restoration Worth The Effort - Three Factors To Think About

7 January 2015
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Having unique, timeless furniture pieces for your home is a great way to individualize your look and have the ability to showcase items when you have company. If you are planning on restoring or reupholstering pieces, make sure the piece of furniture you are working with is worth the effort before you begin your project. Here are three things to think about before you pick that next piece of furniture for restoration.

1. Signs Used Furniture May be Beyond Repair

If you find an old chair, sofa or table that you love the look of, make sure to closely examine this to decide if the project is worth it. If there are any signs of warping, rot, or weathering, the bones of the piece may not be in good enough shape for restoration. If there is ripped or outdated fabric to replace, this might be an easy fix that can easily be updated. Make sure to examine any old furniture sourced from garage sales, antique stores or flea markets are worth the bargain price before you purchase.

2. Visualize Where a Piece will Fit in with Your Decor

Just because you have fallen in love with a love seat from the Victorian era or an Art Nouveau table, if the look doesn't ultimately fit in with your current decor, restoration may not be worth it. Unless you are planning on gifting or selling pieces, make sure any project you take on has a place in your home and will fit in with your design needs. Having a unified look in your home will complement your restored furniture and bring out the individual charm you deserve.

3. Understanding Your DIY Limitations

If an upholstering project is outside of your scope, you can always bring to a professional to help with trickier restoration projects. Reupholstering couches or loveseats can require some effort and may require cushion repair. This can go beyond just switching out upholstery. It is worth the extra effort to have your restored furniture have the right look, as well as the durability to last. Seeking out upholstery or repair work from an expert can help you realize your furniture's potential.

Restoring furniture can be a labor of love. Understanding what your needs are, how furniture can be restored, and what your limitations might be are all key factors before getting started. Work with a professional from a firm like Demanche Upholstery when it comes to furniture upholstering and restoration to help get you the look you want, and save you the headache of getting in over your head and making irreparable mistakes.