Top 3 Ornamental Railing Choices For Your Backyard Deck

30 November 2016
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


Are you thinking about building a new deck or rebuilding a deck that's already in place? Are you having a hard time deciding exactly how you want the new deck to look? If you already have an aging deck in place, it's easy to want to install an identical, but brand new, deck in its place. Although this plan will work, it may not be the most aesthetically pleasing or the most economical. And if you have no current deck to work with, you're still left trying to decide what to do. Start by deciding what sort of railings you want and the rest should fall into place. Here are some of the top options for you to consider:

Wrought iron: Wrought iron can be an unusual choice for the ornamental railings around your deck. But wrought iron is both sturdy and non-flammable. If you plan on having a grill out on your deck, you may want a railing that isn't in danger of catching fire. As a bonus, wrought iron comes in a huge variety of designs for almost any style and budget. This will make it easier to find an option that will suit your wants and needs, along with the look of your home.

Glass: Glass is another non-traditional choice for residential ornamental railings. However, it is an excellent choice if the deck that you're building is to overlook a scenic vista. If you're sitting on your deck, a railing will normally obscure a substantial portion of your view. Glass railings are extremely minimal and will block little to nothing of the beautiful sights. They can get dirty more obviously than other types of railings, especially if you have small children, but can also be extremely easy to clean either with your hose or with a bottle of window cleaner. 

Wood: Wood is the usual go-to choice when talking about ornamental railings for a deck. Railings may be real wood or they may be a more durable composite, but the natural-looking finish is a perennial favorite regardless of the actual composition. While wood can be quite attractive in its own right, it is also unfortunately somewhat bulky. Depending on the type of posts you choose for your railing, they can obscure a substantial amount when you're sitting on your deck. If you are in an urban setting with less-than-idyllic views, this may be just what you want. But if you live in a more rural area, you may want a different type of railing so that you can take advantage of the views. 

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