Transform Your Home's Entryway with These Two Simple Yet Stunning Additions

13 October 2016
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


The entryway into a house is important, as it's the first impression that visitors will get of the interior of your home. Yet, while many people spend a lot of time and money styling the other rooms of their houses, the entryways, such as hallways and foyers, are often overlooked or seen as unimportant. If you want to create a stunning and welcoming entrance area into your home, then here are two simple and inexpensive additions you might like to consider.

1. A modern chandelier

When you think of chandeliers, images of large crystal lights adorning the ceiling of regal British mansions may be what springs to mind. However, the term chandelier actually refers to any light fitting that hangs from the ceiling and contains several branches or arms of light bulbs.

If you like a more traditional look, it's possible to get small-scale replicas of old-fashioned chandeliers online. These are generally made from glass instead of crystal, and this makes these chandeliers highly affordable but still with the sparkling and classy look that traditional chandeliers are known for.

It's also possible to buy more avant-garde chandeliers online if you prefer a modern and edgy look. This style of chandelier utilizes more modern materials, such as Perspex, timber, and metal, to create beautiful and functional pieces of modern art.

2. An ornate mirror

An attractive and stylish mirror is another vital addition for any entryway. A mirror will visually increase the size of the entrance area as well as increase the amount of reflected light that bounces around the space. These are particularly important features if your entryway is small or lacks a natural light source.

When choosing a mirror, you can choose between traditional-style replicas of antique mirror frames or choose a more modern alternative. Whichever style you like, remember that in a sparsely furnished space such as an entryway, a mirror will be one of the main features. This means the mirror should have a bit of a "wow" factor instead of just being a functional piece.

A mirror in your entryway is also a highly practical addition. It allows you to check your appearance a final time as you leave the house to make sure you are clean, tidy, and together. An entryway is a great space to have a full-length mirror for this purpose, especially if you don't have the space to accommodate one in your bathroom, bedroom, or walk-in wardrobe.

As the saying goes, you only get one chance to make a good first impression, and this is certainly true of your home's entryway. These two readily available, inexpensive, and attractive additions will transform your entryway from a simply functional space to a striking and welcoming entrance to your home.