Four AC Maintenance Tips To Stay Cool In Your Home

22 August 2016
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Being able to run the AC as you please is a huge joy, especially in the hot heat of the summer season. However, your AC may not be performing as it should if you aren't paying attention to regular maintenance that it needs. Here are four maintenance tips to take seriously if you want to continue to stay cool in your home:

  1. Know the Life Expectancy: First off, you should know the life expectancy for your AC. If you know that it's around the time that your AC unit will start to fail you, you will want to consider having it replaced before the summer heat kicks in. This way, once you are ready to run the AC, you won't have to deal with unexpected issues because you will have a brand new AC that is less likely to be prone to serious issues like your old one would be. 
  2. Use Prevention Maintenance:  Prevention maintenance is essential for keeping your AC in the best working condition. This way, you are also less likely to deal with unexpected issues while trying to stay cool in your home during the summer. Always be sure that the AC unit is clean. You should be cleaning the filter, blowers, and more on a regular basis. You should also be lubricating all the moving components to ensure that they do not overheat while you are running the air conditioning. All of this prevention maintenance can be done on your own, or you can hire a professional to provide this for you with a regularly scheduled tune-up. 
  3. Know the Signs of a Problem: Before serious repair problems arise, there will likely be some warning signs. Knowing these warning signs is important for preventing the complete breakdown of your AC unit. These signs include puddles near the compressor (which indicates a leak) and loud noises, which can indicate that a part needs to be replaced or repaired. When you notice these warning signs, you need to hire professionals to make the repairs right away. 
  4. Pay Attention to the Thermostat: The thermostat is what controls the central air and your energy bills. You need to pay special attention to it. If you have the thermostat set for a certain temperature, for example, but your home feels much cooler or hotter, then this means that the AC is not functioning properly. This will affect the cost of your energy bills each month, as well, so it's important that these problems are caught and fixed right away. 

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