Stylish Ideas For Your Granite Kitchen Countertops

26 July 2016
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Granite is one of the – if not the – most popular material for kitchen counter tops. That popularity is well founded. Granite is highly attractive, coming in a wide variety of colors and patterns. What's more, you can further customize granite with the edging and finish. Finally, the material is low maintenance yet durable. Select granite counter tops that best complement your kitchen.

Granite Tiles

A slab of granite can come with a hefty price tag. It's an investment that adds value to your home, but a single slab isn't your only option. It's possible to have granite installed as tiles in the same manner as ceramic tiles. Not only does this reduce the cost, it adds an extra layer of visual interest with the grouting lines. What's more, you could further customize the look by adding ceramic tiles into the mix.

Honed Finish

Glossy granite is the usual choice for many homeowners. However, honed granite is an attractive alternative. With this finish, manufacturers stop polishing before the buffing process. The result is a low-gloss sheen. This allows the natural beauty of the stone to show, though imperfections may be visible. Honed granite is best suited if you'd like a casual, even aged look to your counter tops. If possible, visit the warehouse to select your slab specifically since there won't be a high gloss to draw the eye.

Bright Colors

Shades of gray and brown are the most common granite colors. However, granite also comes in bright colors such as blue, green and red. Brightly colored granite definitely draws the eye, so you'll want to consider how to use it for best effect. For example, consider keeping the rest of your kitchen palette neutral. Another option is to only use the brightly colored granite in once space, such as for a kitchen island.

Counter Top Edging

Color and finish aren't the only big considerations. How you have your counter tops edged also affects the finished look. An eased edge, which is a gentle right angle, is a classic edge that works well with any kitchen style. It's also possible to add a slight bevel and keep the look modern. More elaborate edges, such as bullnose and ogee, are appropriate for traditional or historical kitchens. If you have an industrial style, consider a chiseled or aggregate edge.

Integrated Sink

If you're choosing a beautiful slab of granite, you probably want it to take center stage. Home and Garden TV recommends having a drop-in sink installed. With this setup, contractors install a stainless steel sink below the counter top level. Not only does this keep the focus on your counter top itself, it makes cleaning easier since you can just swipe crumbs into the sink.

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