Four Things A Rain Chain Adds To Your Garden Besides Charm

13 May 2016
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


Rain chains are those fun and unusual garden decorations that have a singular chain which connects to and through several receptacles. Each of the receptacles collects and releases rain water in its own way. While you might not think that these decorations add anything of value to your garden besides charm, they actually add much more than that. Here are four more things that a rain chain can add to your yard or garden.


Some rain chains are uniquely designed in that the collection and flow of rainwater causes them to sound off like chimes. It can be a very pretty simple tune with a sprinkling or a wilder rhythm in a storm. If you already enjoy the sounds of wind chimes, then these water chimes via rain chains might make a very nice addition to your "elemental music garden."

Places for Little Birds to Perch and Drink

When the rains are lighter and milder, birds look for places to rest momentarily. If that place to rest also happens to be where they can catch a quick drink or splash a little water on their feathers, then the rain chain is ideal for that. Other, tiny birds, such as hummingbirds, may come in search of water, and if you have a rain chain that looks like several flower cups, these little birds might fly closer to investigate and take a drink.

Rainfall Measuring Devices

If you add a rainfall measuring stick to the end of your rain chain, you can measure the rainfall of any storm. Then you can keep track of the amount of rain (or lack thereof) that your garden, yard or farm gets every year.  This helps you figure out when and how much water you should provide for your plants and growing things without underwatering or overwatering them.

Rainwater Collection and Purification 

If you want to do a custom rain chain, there are kits that help you build your own. As you construct your own rain chain, you can add carbon filters to the bottoms of the open cups on the chain. Then place a collection barrel underneath the chain. As the water trickles down the chain and fills the cups, it will filter through the carbon filters, which remove some impurities. The purified rainwater is then safe to drink, and safe to use for bathing, cooking or camping uses. You can even use it to fill water reserve tanks in a camper or gallon jugs for emergency water consumption.