Getting New Windows Installed? 4 Tips To Prepare For The Arrival Of Window Installers

15 April 2016
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Old windows can lead to an uncomfortable home and excessive energy costs. Getting replacement windows will make a huge difference to your family's comfort at home, especially during summer and winter. It is necessary for a professional to come to your home to find out the right measurements. But, the most important time to prepare is when a crew is coming over to install the windows.

Write Down Special Requests

It is important to figure out your special requests well before professionals arrive. In some cases, you may need to contact the company by phone to make sure they can fulfill your request. Other requests may just require letting them know when they arrive, such as not opening certain doors without your knowledge, which is especially crucial when you have cats or dogs that you are keeping in specific rooms.

Protect the Flooring

If you have hardwood floors, you should do everything you can to keep them from getting scratched. While window installers will be careful to avoid damaging the floors, you can also benefit from getting drop cloths or tarps and putting them on top of the flooring that surrounds the windows. If you do not have enough to protect every window, you will want to have the crew update you on when they finish a window so that you can take the protective cover and move it to another window in the home.

Although drop cloths are typically used for painting, you can use the plastic or canvas ones to prevent window debris from getting onto hardwood flooring, which could lead to micro scratches.

Take the Day Off

To have the best experience with installation, you need to have the day off. Whether you request a day or two off of work or undertake the project on a weekend, being present will help you make special requests, answer questions, and make any adjustments in the home to help with the installation.

Clear the Area

If you want to enjoy a delay-free installation, you should take some time to get the property ready. If you have large, overgrown bushes that are getting in the way of windows, you should trim them, or you can use it as an opportunity to remove them and plant something new after the windows are installed. You will also want to remove anything on the walls near the windows, but also in any narrow areas that lead to windows, such as hallways or staircases as you do not want to risk the chance of things falling down.

It is essential to create a clear path for the installation crew to get around, so you need to move furniture, toys, gates, or anything that might cause an obstruction.

Preparing for window installation will ensure you have a stress-free and delay-free experience. Look at this web-site for more information.