5 Tropical Fish That Are Easy For Beginners To Care For

11 February 2016
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Caring for tropical fish is sometimes complicated due to the environmental needs of these delicate aquatic creatures. However, some tropical fish are easier to care for than others.

Beginner aquarium owners interested in keeping tropical fish should introduce themselves to keeping fish by finding inhabitants for their aquarium that are easy to care for. The following are five examples of tropical fish that are easily cared for by beginner aquarium owners:

  1. Tetras. This is one of the most popular and common type of tropical fish. Many different types of tetra flourish in tropical aquariums. Some of the most common are the blue emperor tetra, the cardinal tetra, and the neon tetra. Tetras do best when they are kept in schools. This type of tropical fish is not typically a fussy eater, but rather eats any of many different types of commercially prepared tropical fish food mixes. 
  2. Labyrinth Fish. This type of tropical fish is highly praised for its bright colors. Labyrinth fish are known for being hardy and standing up to a relatively wide range of temperature ranges and water pH levels. Labyrinth fish do particularly well in aquariums that are ornamented with driftwood. This type of fish is an omnivore, which makes it convenient to find an appropriate type of feed. 
  3. Swordtails. The swordtail fish is also a colorful tropical fish that comes in a wide variety of color patterns including red wag, black calico, and golden cornet. In swordtails, the female is slightly larger than the male, but both male and females sport the same color variations. Though easy to care for, it's important to note that swordtails are fairly long tropical aquarium fish and can grow to a maximum length of six inches. One benefit swordtails offers to beginner aquarium owners is that they tend to pick at algal growth in the tank and make it easier to keep an aquarium tank clean. 
  4. Guppies. Like tetras, guppies are extremely popular tropical fish. They also come in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. Guppies are fairly peaceful fish that can be kept with other species, but they are best kept in a single-species aquarium with only other guppies of the same school. If you're looking for color variation, it's important to note that in guppies, the males are much more colorful than the females. 
  5. Platies. Platies describe tropical fish that are of either of the two following species: X. variatus or X. maculatus. They are slightly smaller than swordtail fish, and they tend to be olive-brown or red in color. This type of tropical fish is easier for the beginner to maintain because it is highly social and peaceful among fish of other species. Platies should ideally be fed food with a heavy vegetable component. 

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