Have A Deaf Child? Keep Your Home Illuminated During A Power Outage

1 October 2015
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You never know when your power will go out, and sometimes it is after the sun goes down. You should make sure you are always prepared, especially since you have a child that is deaf. One way you can do this is to keep your home illuminated when the power goes out by using residential emergency lights.

Emergency Lights

During a power outage at night, your deaf child may be in another part of your house when everything goes dark. If they are only able to use sign language to communicate, they will not be able to call out to you for help. They may try to find their way to you or another family member and end up getting injured, as they may trip and fall or run into something.

To help with this type of situation, you should consider installing emergency lights in your home. This way, no matter where your child is, they will have light so they can easily find you. This is true even if you have flashlights and candles. In many cases, you may not have enough of these to properly illuminate your entire home. You may run out of batteries for your flashlights, or not have a lighter to light your candles with.

Types of Emergency Lighting Systems

You can find many types of home emergency lighting systems. One type you will find is a high-powered flashlight. This type of flashlight has a light that is much like a search light so it illuminates a wide space. It generally charges on a battery that is plugged into a wall outlet so you can always keep it charged up. Consider putting one of these flashlights in every room so your entire family has access to one.

For even more lighting, there is permanent emergency lighting that is mounted on a ceiling or wall. How you set this lighting up depends on the type of lighting kit you purchase. It generally involves a base where the lights are controlled that is wired to a circuit. The lights are then installed throughout your home.

You should hire a lighting company or an electrician to install the lighting system for you, as it can become very detailed. It is important that it be installed correctly because any electrical wiring not connected correctly could result in an electrical fire. The lighting company you purchase your lights from like A-1 Fire Protection LLC can help you choose what is best for you and your situation.

Depending on the lighting system you have, you may have to manually turn the lights off when the power comes back on. You generally do this from the base. When off, the lights automatically recharge so they are ready for you the next time the power goes out.