How To Fix A Loose Tile

7 July 2015
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Over time, tiles can lose their grip on the floor. This can be caused by age, or by improper installation, and allows for moisture to get underneath the tiles. Once moisture gets underneath the tiles, it becomes much more likely that the tile will become completely loose, and mold buildup becomes a possibility. This ruins the aesthetic of your floor and presents a health hazard. Thankfully, you can fix a loose tile very easily in just a few steps with the right tools and knowledge.

Before You Begin

You'll need an iron, tile adhesive, a metal putty knife, mineral spirits, a rag, and a rolling pin. You may also want to wear safety gloves so that you do not hurt your hand while working. All of these items can be found at most hardware stores if you do not have them at home.

Fixing a Loose Tile

Use the iron to warm up the tile. This will cause any adhesive that is still attached to the tile to melt and loosen its hold.

Once the tile has become warm, work the putty knife under the tile, starting at the middle and working to the edges until the tile pops off. Set it aside for now.

Apply mineral spirits to a rag, and then rub it onto the exposed floor to dissolve any remaining adhesive. Use the putty knife to remove any stuck on adhesive. If any spots are too difficult to remove, try using the iron or mineral spirits again instead of forcing it with the putty knife, as you could damage the surrounding tiles.

Apply the mineral spirits to the tile and use the putty knife to scrape away any adhesive that is still stuck onto it.

Once all the old adhesive has been removed from both the floor and the tile, apply new adhesive with the putty knife onto both.

Gently place the tile back on the floor, taking care to make it square with the surrounding tiles.

Use the rolling pin to press the tile down, ensuring that it binds securely with the adhesive.

Use a rag moistened with mineral spirits to wipe away any excess adhesive that seeped out from around the tile.

Then, simply weigh down the fixed tile with a heavy book or a piece of furniture for a day or so, until the adhesive has completely dried and bonded with the tile. 

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