Affordable Gift Ideas For Home Gardening

28 May 2015
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It doesn't take an expensive and extravagant gift to show that you care. Bringing utility and enjoyable design to a home or garden can brighten a person's day if you put considerable thought behind the gift, and can be done with gift ideas under $20. As you look for gift ideas, consider a few ways to enhance a person's life through gardening without severely damaging your bank account.

Gardening Gifts For Any Home Size

Gardening can be difficult if you don't have a lot of room to work with. Many plants require a lot of room for their vines and leaves, as well as a sizable pot for roots to grow. Your selection may be limited by the amount of room available, but hope is not lost.

Many vegetable plants can be grown on stalks and vines that are limited in size. Tomato plants, herb gardens and many pepper varieties can be trained to grow up wooden or metal posts instead of trailing along the sides of a floor, which can keep the area neat.

Training a plant's growth means influencing the way it grows. You can wrap tomato vines around a series of sticks or even a structure such as an old oven rack to limit the direction and distance of the vines. An oven rack (for large ovens or toaster ovens) allows multiple layers of vines to be distributed to the left and right instead of going straight up into the air on a single growing post.

Bigger Gardening Plans Within Budget

If space isn't an issue, plan for the next growing season. Get a collection of affordable growing pots and a few seeds that could bring a delicious meal of fruits and vegetables. It may not be enough to bring meals to the table every single day, but the gift can reduce a friend or loved one's shopping by quite a few dollars.

If they have enough yard space, you can even invest in a few gardening tools such as hoes, rakes, spades and basic sprinklers without going over budget. A garden can be made that can create a sustainable vegetable selection for the household.

To get the right plants to supplement the person's shopping list, find out some of their favorite dishes. Tomatoes are a good start, but carrots, potatoes, squash and cucumbers can go a long way when making vegetable dishes. Bean stalks and garden peas can be controlled by the same wooden or metal posts for limited gardening areas to maximize large yard space and grow enough small vegetable to be eaten and stored for later.

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