4 Benefits Of Replacing The Window Screens In A Rental Property

4 March 2015
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Keeping the windows in good shape is one of the most important maintenance tasks of a property owner, so it's important to become familiar with the numerous benefits that screens in good condition can offer. If you're in between tenants with your rental property or just looking into doing some annual maintenance work, consider the following four benefits you and your tenants will be able to enjoy with newly replaced window screens.  

Add Value to the Property

Making any improvements to a rental property can help add value, so working on the windows is no different. By putting in the work to replace window screens that have been worn down from years of use, you'll be able to see that the unit can be rented out for more money. Window screens that have been ripped or frayed at the edges can quickly decrease the value of the unit, making it more difficult to find potential tenants.

Improve the Energy-Efficiency

If you're responsible for paying the electricity bill, it makes sense to work on the energy-efficiency in the rental property. By replacing window screens in the unit, you can be sure that the tenants will open the windows more often. By cracking the windows during the summer when the temperature is cool outside, the cooling bills will decrease.

Keep the Unit Safe

Torn window screens can make a rental property look like an easy target to potential thieves, making it important that the screens are always in good condition. Making repairs or fully replacing the screens at the first sign of damage can help provide the extra security you want in the unit. When the windows are left open during a cool day, the screens will also be less easily tampered with, helping to prevent any break-ins.

Improve the Appearance

Not only can worn window screens come with a number of bad side effects, they can also look bad. Unless the windows are covered by curtains or other window treatments all the time, the screens will be easily visible from inside and outside. By keeping the screens in great condition through routine replacement or repair work, the unit's windows can be kept looking nice.

Taking care of the windows as a property manager is so important, but many people forget that the screens are an essential part of window care. By knowing what benefits you can enjoy when replacing the window screens, you can eagerly take care of repairs and replacements. Talk to a professional like United Glass Service Inc for assistance.