4 Common Mistakes Homeowners Make That Damage Their Appliances

21 January 2015
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Most homeowners will need to schedule some type of appliance repair at one time or another, but often many repair jobs can be avoided by caring for and maintaining appliances properly. Too often a homeowner will misuse or mishandle their appliances so that major components break down long before they should. Consider some of the most common mistakes homeowners make that often damage their appliances and which can be readily avoided.

1. Overfilling the freezer

When your freezer vents are blocked, the motor and condenser for your refrigerator needs to work overtime to maintain the temperature. In turn, they burn out quickly. The more items you have in your freezer, the harder it needs to work to keep them frozen as well.

If you routinely overstuff your freezer so that you cannot run a hand between your items and the freezer walls, purchase an upright freezer and keep it in the garage or basement. This will protect your refrigerator from unnecessary repairs.

2. Failing to clean out the lint trap of the dryer

When the lint trap of the dryer becomes full, lint will back up into the hose and in turn, put your dryer at risk of a fire and cause it to work harder to actually dry your clothes. Not only should you clean the outer trap after every use, but use a vacuum cleaner hose to remove even more lint underneath this trap, being sure to unplug the dryer first. This will keep it clean and help it to operate more easily and in turn, you'll avoid repair bills.

3. Not cleaning the furnace or replacing the filter often enough

A furnace collects dust, dirt, pet hair, and other debris as it works, and it needs to be cleaned after every season. Homeowners can do this by removing the front panel and wiping down the components with a damp cloth, or by calling a repair person to do this.

The filters also need to be replaced typically every month, not every season, as they work to catch all this dust and dirt. Once they become clogged, dust backs up into the furnace itself and causes damage. Failure to replace this filter regularly is one main cause of repair calls for furnaces.

4. Not catching spills in the oven

When something in the oven spills onto the heating coils, this can cause them to break or otherwise get damaged. It's good to put items on a cookie sheet or set down a layer of foil over the oven rack to catch spills every time you cook to avoid having to replace those coils.

Use these tips to avoid unnecessary repairs, but if you find you do need appliance maintenance, call a professional like A OK Appliance Service.