3 Trends For Accent Chairs: Update Your Living Room By Adding Pieces With These Elements

14 January 2015
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2015 is the year to mix it up in your home design choices. Matching everything is definitely going out of fashion, while joining ornate finishes and fabrics with natural elements is most definitely in style.

Chairs with these 3 features will spruce up your boring living room:

1) Gold accents.

Gilded anything is going to be big in 2015. While shiny gold mirrors, bathroom fixtures and picture frames are great ways to introduce this element to your decor, furniture with gold accents pulls the ornate look off the walls and out of the bathroom and into your living space, drawing the eye and adding a touch of elegance.

Ornate Victorian style chairs with wood accents in a gold finish are one way to go. Or choose chairs with gold-colored threads woven into the upholstery.

Another way to get the golden look is to purchase more neutral colored accent chairs. Use gold-threaded pillows on these plain chairs. You can change the pillows later to accommodate new styles without buying all new seating.

2) Marsala: the color of the year.

The deep clay-red tone of Marsala has been declared the trendiest color of 2015. The color is named for the Italian wine with the same rich, dark hue. This color works with a variety of chair styles.

A club chair in Marsala-colored leather is a comfortable choice for additional seating. A wing chair covered in ornate Marsala-hued paisley will also be a standout when added to your decor.

Venetian side chairs in velvet dyed like the wine are more formal selections for incorporating the trendy color into your living space.

3) Natural elements.

Bring the outside into your living room by adding chairs with organic elements, which are another of this years emerging home decor inclinations.

A chair made of tree branches is one way to go. You can also choose fabrics that echo nature, with leaves, shells or ferns printed on them in earthy hues.

Cowhide is also fashionable and can be used for chair upholstery or for accent pillows on your less natural seating.

Weathered wood trim on chairs evokes an outdoorsy feel when combined with earth-toned fabrics and pillows.

There are plenty of other color and design trends that are now in style if the above examples don't do anything for you. Blue is big this year as are luxurious fabrics and bird-patterned fabrics. Peacocks are particularly popular of late.

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